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ABOUT Orca Trading FX

In 2018 I was introduced to the amazing world of Forex Trading by a dear friend and business partner. Big shout out to Jandre Barnard! If it wasn't for him then you probably would not be reading this. In that time I was emerged into the world of network marketing and I was building teams all over the world. Little did I know that forex trading will soon become a big part of my life.

Fast forward to 2020 and Orca Trading FX was born. Orca Trading FX is a product of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and started out as just helping some friends learn the game and taking some trades. After our first "informal" training in Johannesburg I realised that the trading course I presented was something of substance, as everyone who attended started making some serious money on the markets. The word spread quickly and the first "formal" training was born. As time went on and our community started rapidly expanding, we fine-tuned our course and made sure that everyone who did it made even more money on the markets. We launched more strategies and easier ways of analysing trading pairs and suited our course for all levels of trading experience.

Orca Trading gives expert analyses on a daily basis with our Orca Trading Telegram group, where even the most beginner trader can trade comfortably with us. Our trading signals are communicated in a way that everyone knows where to take trades and where to get out securing maximum profits or in some cases minimum losses. Yes, everyone in trading looses some times but with proper risk management you will always make more money than lose it.

At Orca Trading FX we strive to build a family that will look after each other. In today's economic times we strive to build a community that really cares, a community that's there when you need them the most and a community that will go out of their way to help you make money. We live by a saying that says "If one eats then everyone eats." This just means that when we take a profitable trade then you will know about it and take it with us. When we develop a new strategy then you will get it for free. You are already part of the family so why pay for new trading strategies every time? My biggest irritation in this industry is that people keep making money off of their communities and trading families by charging them monthly fees or by making them pay for extra material. We will never do that. Once you are part of this family you will grow as we grow and in some cases we will even learn something from you.

My dream is that you enjoy this journey and family. My dream is that you make the money you desire to make. My dream is that you make money that will change your life and the people around, you rather than buying a sports car and being all flashy about it. My dream is that you find a system you can trust. My dream is that you can start dreaming again for you and your family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome to the Orca family.